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Conozca cómo la conveniencia de Roll by ADP ayuda a Brian, propietario de VoIP Hubs, a ahorrar tiempo, mantenerse enfocado en su negocio y brindarle la tranquilidad de que sus impuestos de nómina se presentan correctamente.

Equipos para un negocio de telecomunicaciones
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With decades of experience in the telecom industry, Brian takes pride in working tirelessly to expand product offerings and provide an excellent customer experience. With his expertise in the industry, the goal from day one was to be a one-stop shop for his customer's telecom needs. Learn how the convenience of Roll by ADP helps him save time, remain focused on his business, and provide peace of mind that his payroll taxes are filed correctly.

A convenient solution
Preparing payroll is not part of my schedule during business hours because my time is better spent focused on the needs of the business. Roll allows me to work on payroll when it's most convenient for me, in the evenings when I'm watching TV - it's as easy as that. And on the off chance I may have forgotten, Roll sends me reminder texts directly to my phone, telling me it's time to prepare my payroll and that it's done in just a few minutes.

Eliminating the worry
What I like best about using Roll is it gives me peace of mind. I never have to worry about whether or not my taxes are paid or having to send forms to the IRS and the state agency in North Carolina myself. Removing those responsibilities from my plate is an incredible advantage for me. And customer service is excellent, too. Once, I needed forms, so I contacted support and got what I needed immediately. It was easy to deal with.

AI enhancement well-received
Roll helped me gain more confidence using AI. Other than having used ChatGPT, utilizing Roll was a brand-new experience using AI for business work. It's easy, and I honestly enjoy using it. I tell it what to do, and it does it. I'm an engineer and a technical person, and because I'm looking to move everything to AI, it's a big reason I like Roll and continue to use it.

Recommending Roll
Roll is just easy to understand and use. It's also accurate - I haven't encountered any problems, which is reassuring. And whenever I needed it, the support team was always there to walk me through whatever I needed quickly. For small businesses, Roll is very recommended.

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