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Descubra cómo Roll by ADP le ha permitido a Troy dedicar más tiempo a perfeccionar su oficio, lo que le permite ir más allá para ofrecer una experiencia excepcional al cliente y crear productos finales que sus clientes atesorarán.

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As a result of a casual 'what if?' conversation many years ago, Troy's original idea was to give himself a hobby that leveraged his artistic background, but over time, that idea evolved into a thriving father and son family business. Today, he's driven to give his clients the means to express their pride and joy through personal designs on their cars.


Voted as the "Best of Salem" for seven consecutive years and regarded as a cornerstone of his community, discover how Roll by ADP has enabled Troy to dedicate more time to honing his craft, empowering him to go above and beyond in delivering an outstanding customer experience and creating final products that his clients will treasure.

Ease of use from the start

Having never run payroll before, I was researching other platforms - with one based on a referral from another business owner. But it was very clerical and not user-friendly or easy to navigate. I knew about ADP and its reputation in the payroll industry, so I wanted to see what the Roll platform was all about. From the start, I couldn't believe how easy it was to use. To say even a child could do it is not an exaggeration. Once, I received a notification from Roll reminding me that I had three hours left to submit my payroll to make the deadline. I was in the middle of a project at the time, but my 13-year-old son was able to run the payroll for me! It's incredible how Roll changed the to-do list for us.

Save time, eliminate stress

Roll is phenomenal because of how relatable and fast it is - which saves me time. We're socially driven and do everything on our phones. In just a few seconds, I can run payroll from my phone, and everyone gets paid on time every time. My CPA automatically receives an email notification with my payroll information. Roll eliminates the stress of doing that myself - which I would have never thought to do. I don't want extra paperwork as part of my job. Roll allows me to keep my time and focus better spent where it belongs - doing my job, which keeps my clients happy.

Fast, intuitive response

I'm impressed with Roll's responsiveness to inquiries. There was a change to the contribution amount to Oregon's state tax. I didn't think it was reflected on my payroll yet, so I inquired by texting the app to confirm. The response from Roll indicated it would send a notification for the adjustment request and have it added to the required state tax. By the next pay period, the adjustment was applied. I was very impressed that I never needed to make any calls. Conceptually, Roll simply understood that some states have specific rules and bylaws and rectified this issue quickly.

Recommending Roll

Setting up payroll for my business makes it feel like we've grown up - and that's cool! I'm very thankful for the app. You don't have to be the size of Amazon to have a business that exists and matters to your community. Roll can easily help a small business feel like a big dog.

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